The Power of Shared Culture in Outsourcing Partnerships

Shared culture in an outsourcing partnership can improve communication and collaboration, helping outsourcing partners achieve shared success.

Whenever I find myself unmotivated or stuck in a mental rut of creative block, I go back to the reason why I started working for my latest company and how being part of this team makes me feel. Work will not always be upbeat and motivating, but being part of a team that shares the same work culture as you and where you feel you belong sure will.

Culture seems to be at the heart of businesses today, from hiring new employees to choosing collaboration partners, those that value shared culture and cultural fit are experiencing better results. McKinsey & Company found that companies valuing cultural fit see 2.5 times more success than those that don’t.

Cultural fit for a business can be described as “the way we do business” ー the values that guide the way a business is run, the workplace practices, communication, leadership, work environment, and many more factors. 

Harvard Business Review found that companies with a strong shared culture had higher employee engagement, lower turnover, and better customer satisfaction. They were also more likely to collaborate effectively, communicate clearly, and achieve goals.

Statistics by: Robert Walters

As the saying goes, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. As a seasoned workaholic cog, this rings particularly true as I’ve seen businesses grow exponentially or struggle to stay afloat. Besides the ironclad strategy, the way the people within the company worked together was a main indicator of how things will turn out. When the people working together shared a mindset and work culture, communication was more effective, the collaboration was seamless, and working towards common goals strengthened the team bond. But when cultures collided, miscommunication ensued. In the whitepaper by Robert Walters, he states that 82% of professionals have worked for an organization where they disliked the company culture, and poor cultural fit is the reason why 73% of professionals have left a job.

At AnchorzUp we build teams for businesses by outsourcing qualified professionals. Working with clients halfway across the world, one thing that we’ve noticed is that the geographical distance only intensifies the need for cultural harmony. With partners scattered across continents and time zones, shared understanding can easily get lost in translation. And yet, when we work with clients with whom we share a cultural affinity, it seems to be easier to bridge the divide and craft a strong, lasting bond.

Fitting in

When our clients work with outsourced professionals who share their culture and speak their language both figuratively and literally, they see the benefits in every aspect of their partnership. This encourages better communication, faster decision-making, and a deeper level of trust. They also see better results, with work completed on time and to a high standard. The feeling of fitting in with the team you’re working with,  whether you share an office with them or they’re located halfway across the world, impacts the way you feel and most importantly, work.

That’s why, before diving into an outsourcing partnership, we ponder: Do we share cultural affinity? Do we speak the same language, both literally and figuratively? Are our values aligned?

Outsourcing. Culture. Collaboration.

The critical effect of cultural fit in outsourcing partnerships should concern companies beyond the hiring level. When companies decide to outsource, it should not be just about skill sets and experience; it should be about a shared understanding of work dynamics, decision-making, and success benchmarks. One consequence of outsourcing simply for the skill and experience is falling short in building long-term relationships with the outsourced professionals. A good cultural fit improves employee retention by 81%.

We’ve found that overlooking cultural fit and not identifying shared values leads to short-lived relationships, be it between us and potential outsourcing clients, or potential clients and our outsourced professionals. While finding the right cultural match can be hard work as it demands profound insight into our clients and potential outsourced professionals, the effort is worth it. It’s the key indicator that we can work well together and relish in shared success. 

Cultural fit should be more than just a buzzword, whether you’re looking to hire in-house or outsource professionals. While finding the cheapest or most experienced partner can seem like a win in the short run, working with people who share your culture, your values, and your vision will set you up for long-term success. 

When you find that partner, with the right cultural fit, you’ll see just how powerful shared culture can be. It’s the secret ingredient that can turn a good outsourcing partnership into a great one.