Quality staff outsourcing and solutions

Our qualified professionals help you achieve goals, with proven exceptional results.


Staff augmentation, on-demand!

Get work done faster and better by hiring external professionals with cross-industry experience. Part-time, full-time, or quarterly. Commit only to what you can utilize.

We do the staffing and recruitment.
You get experienced and qualified candidates.



We do the hard work of finding the best candidates for you. You tell us what you need and we start the recruitment process. We post a call for applications, qualify prospects, interview, vet, and shortlist the best candidates for you.


We provide you with a shortlist of candidates we feel are the most qualified for you. You get to choose and hire from the professionals we recommend to you. We handle all legal contracts and administrative work for the hiring process.


We monitor our professionals in-house. We provide administrative oversight and HR management including layoffs and replacements, personnel files, leaves, benefits, insurance, etc. Besides workstations to get work done we also provide cultural training for our outsourced professionals.

Explore profiles available for outsourcing or submit a custom request for the profiles you need.

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A cultural bridge between you and the professionals you outsource

We hire people with the right personality for the job and who are a cultural fit for your work environment.


Customized sales, marketing, and website solutions

With the right combination of functionality, purpose, and colorful pixels, we bring to life websites that make sense. Also, fit well with your budget.

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We make use of different digital channels to reach out to customers, combining organic and paid reach to grow your business exponentially with low-cost results.

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With a customer-centric approach, we deliver inbound and outbound sales solutions for businesses of all sizes and industry sectors.

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Choose one or more solutions that work for your business or submit a custom request ー we’ll suggest the best solutions for you.

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Companies who trust ✨our grit✨

“Lum and Jeta are an amazing team. Not only do they deliver on every request, but they also make smart suggestions to improve things we haven’t even considered. Our online presence was radically improved by AnchorzUp and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again (in fact we already are!).”

Local team with a global edge!

We’ve honed our skills over years of working with international businesses. Our clients benefit from our experience, competence, and unique market insight.

What do we bring to the table?
We bring the table and the team!