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Outsourced Qualified Developers

We outsourced competent developers and UI/UX designers full-time and project-based to help S3K transition their desktop software for 250 New Jersey school districts to a cutting-edge web app. S3K scaled their developer team fast, cost-effectively, and with 100% retention.

“The full-time professionals we outsourced with AnchorzUp have already become an integral part of our team. AnchorzUp is more than a collaborator; they’re our true outsourcing partner.”

Giancarlo Fiorentini

VP of Web Development at SYSTEMS 3000


Outsourced Qualified Developers


Developed Projects from Idea to Conception

We worked alongside Polymath Labs to develop an idea and concept for a groundbreaking SaaS platform and position it in the market while creating a landing page to attract investors and clients.

“I enjoyed a very fruitful collaboration with AnchorzUp rooted in competence, expertise, and fast delivery. What made a very deep impression on me was the fact that with just a few ideas, they swiftly gathered the pieces, transforming my vision into a cohesive plan.”

Visar Gashi

Founder & CEO at Polymaths Labs


Rebranding Project

We worked with this Swiss-based B2B fintech powerhouse on their rebranding project, and we were tasked with creating marketing collateral, videos, and designs that authentically encapsulated GenTwo’s new brand.

“The AnchorzUp team not only listened attentively to our requirements but also played a crucial role in helping us define and prioritize them. Their collaborative approach resulted in work that not only met but exceeded our expectations.”

Pren Pervorfi

COO at GenTwo

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Redesigned the Digital Presence

We managed and completed the website redesign project and took charge of social media management to give Zagragja and Associates a fresh digital presence that enhances their online brand.

“AnchorzUp love and know how to make their clients happy. The team has delivered everything we asked for and more. I’ll give them a 12 out of 10 for their work.”

Yll Zagragja

Founder & CEO at Zagragja & Associates


Designed Product and Developed Prototype

We worked with SYSTEMS 3000 on their employee portal. From UI/UX design to user journey planning and recommending solutions, we gave life to the idea, developed the product, and delivered the prototype.

“AnchorzUp are an amazing team. Not only do they deliver on every request, but they also make smart suggestions to improve things we haven’t even considered.”

Giancarlo Fiorentini

VP of Web Development at SYSTEMS 3000


Built the Digital Identity

We crafted their website and marketing collateral. Our involvement went beyond design, focusing on delivering an engaging online presence and impactful marketing materials.

“They have done an incredible job with our dental practice website and marketing collateral. The website, which is now live, accurately represents our brand and attracts new clients.”

Taulant Gashi

Co-Founder & CEO at Bora Dental


Developed Digital Solutions

We’ve been entrusted with tasks ranging from website maintenance and payment gateway integration to adept problem-solving.

“What truly sets AnchorzUp apart is their keen ear for our needs. They take the time to listen attentively and truly understand what we are looking for.”

Jim Ort

Distribution Partner at Rainier Surgical

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