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Who we are at the an-core

At AnchorzUp, we empower businesses to grow cost-effectively through quality staff outsourcing and digital solutions. We value meaningful relationships with our partners and commit to going the extra mile to meet and exceed client expectations.

Management team

Meet the professionals who fuel our company!

Jeta Zagragja

Founder & CEO

Jeta’s education background includes an M.B.A. in Strategic Management from Roosevelt University in Chicago, IL, USA. She brings more than a decade of practical experience in successful companies, the financial industry, and the non-profit sector in Kosovo and the USA.

Lumbardh Zagragja

Co-Founder & CMO

Lum holds an M.B.A. from Bentley University – McCallum Graduate School of Business. An insightful leader who thinks outside the box, he brings almost ten years of experience in the professional services and marketing industry with successful local and international companies.

Why companies large and small trust AnchorzUp

Tailored solutions

Measurable results

Quick turnaround

AnchorzUp team photo
AnchorzUp team photo


Driven, open-minded, and inspired

At AnchorzUp we nurture unique voices, styles of thinking, and opinions that come together and contribute toward common goals. Our team members work as one to support one another, achieve goals together, and complete work efficiently.

Our Values

We foster growth by nurturing values that keep us anchored.

Be fueled by grit

Go the extra mile

Create & own your future

Act with integrity

Be playful

Maintain consistency

Be a good human

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We’re an extension of your team

Sales, marketing, and website expertise

We’ve honed our skills over years of working with businesses across the U.S. We work hands-on with our clients and we understand their culture and demands. With an in-depth knowledge of the clients’ perspective, we easily anticipate and fulfill clients’ needs.

Change adaptability

We don’t just anticipate change, we embrace and evolve with it tapping into new growth opportunities and leveraging the latest technology trends.

Industry-specific insight

We have the experience, processes, and market know-how to custom-tailor solutions for the technology, medical, professional services industry, and more. Our clients benefit from our experience, competence, and unique insight in these areas.

🚀 Fueled by grit, and ready to sail into action.