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Scale faster by outsourcing qualified professionals hassle-free

We have the experience, processes, and market know-how to assemble a successful team for you.

Group of four diverse outsourced professionals showcasing varied expertise and cultural backgrounds, illustrating the wide-ranging talent pool in the outsourcing industry.
Four diverse outsourced professionals showcasing varied expertise and cultural backgrounds, illustrating the wide-ranging talent pool in the outsourcing industry.

Outsource professionals who feel like in-house team members

Hire the best professionals without having to invest in office space, equipment, or software. We outsource directly to you at a fraction of the cost of in-house hires!

We outsource a wide array of profiles:

Software Developer

IT Support Specialist

UI/UX Designer

QA Engineer

Project Manager

Digital Marketing Specialist

Content Writer

SEO Specialist

Customer Support Representative

Virtual Assistant

CRM Administrator

Sales Support Representative

…and not only. We find the right professionals for you!

We handle the hassle of recruitment. You get experienced and qualified candidates.



We do the hard work of finding the best candidates for you. You tell us what you need and we start the recruitment process. We post a call for applications, qualify prospects, interview, vet, and shortlist the best candidates for you.


We provide you with a shortlist of candidates we feel are the most qualified for you. You get to choose and hire from the professionals we recommend to you. We handle all legal contracts and administrative work for the hiring process.


We monitor our professionals in-house. We provide administrative oversight and HR management including layoffs and replacements, personnel files, leaves, benefits, insurance, etc. Besides workstations to get work done we also provide cultural training for our outsourced professionals.

Explore profiles available for outsourcing or submit a custom request for the profiles you need.

Why augment your staff with AnchorzUp

We effectively identify and manage your remote team at a fraction of the cost.

Save up to 60% through staff augmentation by directly reducing monthly administrative and operational costs throughout the duration of our outsourcing agreement.

We do the legwork of identifying and outsourcing the right candidates to you.

Tap into our recruitment pipeline to augment your team at any time with competent professionals.

We are the hub that will serve as the cultural bridge by identifying people who understand what it’s like working in your market and have the right work ethic and cultural fit. We also train them where needed.

Commit only to what you can utilize

Hire only the professionals you need to get the job done. Full-time, part-time, or quarterly. It’s up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We free you from the responsibility and hassle of hiring and management. This means that we qualify prospects, interview them, do the hiring, manage them, and handle contracts. It also means we cover and pay employee contributions as per local regulations, everything is handled on our end, while you only pay per the service of having new professionals join your team. While we handle the hiring, we also handle the firing of employees, without you having to deal with any of the difficult aspects of staff management.

Yes. While we can handle every aspect of recruitment, you are free to interview and speak with the representatives we recommend to you before proceeding with hiring. We can also schedule interview times for you.

If we have the professional you request on retainer, the hiring process (from contracting to starting work) takes up to 3 weeks. If we don’t have the professional you request available and we need to start the recruitment process from scratch for that profile, it can take up to 8 weeks.

The minimum contract commitment is 6 months.

We provide administrative oversight for the team in-house, making sure they have their own workstation and are equipped for work.

If you decide to outsource a minimum of 5 people, we can include performance management, by hiring a team manager who works with and reports directly to you, assigns and manages tasks, and works exclusively with the team.

If you choose to work with a professional full time then they will only be dedicated to working with you and no other client. However, if you opt to hire part-time or quarterly, the professionals working with you can also be working with other clients at the same time, to complete their working hour quota.

We pride ourselves in providing top-rated professionals who deliver by meeting and exceeding our customer needs. However, in the case of a scenario where the professional working with you is not performing according to our standards, we can have a new professional outsourced to you.

Our professionals are chosen to have almost native English proficiency. English is one of the three official languages, and the majority of the population speaks the language, as it’s taught from early education and we have wide exposure to the language. That’s why traces of accent while speaking English are almost undetectable.

Yes. While we do incentivize our in-house staff to keep high performance and job satisfaction, you are welcome to incentivize the professionals working for you.

We are in charge of paying the outsourced professionals their wages and compensations. We create an outsourcing contract and agree on a rate for our collaboration, and we handle the rest.

We handle the layoff. As you have a contract with AnchorzUp rather than individual professionals outsourced, laying off professionals working for you is as easy as terminating a service you are receiving. You will only have to notify AnchorzUp on time and we handle the rest.