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Tech Talks: AnchorzUp at Western Balkans Summit 2022

AnchorzUp made its mark at the Western Balkans DIGITAL SUMMIT PRISHTINA 2022 where our very own Founder & CEO, Jeta Zagragja, led the talk on “Digital Marketing: Powering the Creator Economy”. The summit offered a deep dive into the creator economy, with insights from speakers across the region. The event featured speakers like Gerton Bejo, Arjola Abazaj, Darko Disoski, and Urska Starc Peceny, who explored the transformative power of technology. As organizers, we were delighted to contribute to discussions on the creator economy and the digital transformation’s challenges and advancements.

The Western Balkans Digital Summit brought together tech’s top thinkers, creating a space to find fresh opportunities, start new partnerships, and explore avenues for digital growth. Engaging with the latest developments in web and app tech, the summit focused on fostering meaningful connections and exchanging insights. The summit also featured a B2B Matchmaking Event, offering ICT companies from Western Balkan countries, European nations, Southeast Europe, and Turkey, a chance to network, explore markets, and form partnerships. With a focus on digital transformation, the summit aimed to accelerate the growth and innovation of businesses through strategic partnerships and technology exchange.

AnchorzUp remains committed to fostering collaborations and building partnerships that help businesses grow. Our participation in the Western Balkans Digital Summit highlights our dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and supporting digital growth in the region. We look forward to continuing our journey, as we strive to create a brighter, more connected future for Kosovo and beyond.