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Revamping the new website and knowledge base for SYSTEMS 3000

About SYSTEMS 3000

SYSTEMS 3000 is the leading provider of integrated Accounting, Payroll, and Personnel software applications specifically designed for New Jersey School Districts. As the number one supplier of school business software in New Jersey, SYSTEMS 3000 remains at the top of the market with over 250 school districts. Learn more about SYSTEMS 3000→

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Company: Systems 3000

Industry: Software Development

Location: New Jersey, U.S.A.

Category: Website Solutions

S3K Website Mobile Mockup Example
S3K Website Mobile View Example


SYSTEMS 3000 wanted to modernize their website

When SYSTEMS 3000 came to us, they were transitioning their software from a desktop based to a web-based application. They were looking for someone to help get their website up to speed with the changes in their software.

Their old website had a classic 90s feel, needed an update of information, lacked the same feel as their software, was not very visually appealing, and had a disrupted user journey. They needed someone who would not only design the new website but also strategize and position the updated content they created in such a way that adds to the user experience and user-friendliness for their target audience ー school districts.

S3K Website Section Example
S3K Website Section Example

“AnchorzUp are an amazing team. Not only do they deliver on every request, but they also make smart suggestions to improve things we haven’t even considered. Our online presence was radically improved by AnchorzUp and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again (in fact we already are!).”

Giancarlo Fiorentini

Giancarlo Fiorentini

VP of Web Development at Systems 3000


Think, plan, and redesign the SYSTEMS 3000 website

We aimed to create a user-friendly website for SYSTEMS 3000 software that effectively showcases its value for school districts, reflecting the software’s innovation and flexibility.

We moved away from the previous website’s dark theme by introducing a new color palette that, besides their original colors black and gold, included more open colors like light blue.

S3K Color Palette
S3K Website Illustrations

We also opted for meaningful illustrations instead of stock images as a way to walk the line between techy, playful, and scholarly.

Thinking user-first

To make a difference in the user experience we meticulously planned every aspect of the website, from content placement, customer journey, navigation, to CTAs and even the smallest details. Our thorough workshop allowed us to see the website from the user’s perspective and led to a clean, well-structured design.

The end result is a website that effectively showcases the SYSTEMS 3000 software, making it easy for visitors to understand its value and find the information they need. And, to ensure seamless access, the website was optimized for mobile devices and responsive across browsers. We’re proud to have delivered a final product that accurately reflects their vision.

S3K Website Desktop Mockup
S3K Website Desktop Mockup

It was our hands-on and visually-aesthetic-but-still-user-focused approach that enabled us to start and complete a successful website project for SYSTEMS 3000.


Sharing knowledge with an on-brand Knowledge Base

Systems 3000 Knowledge Base Design Preview

With the successful handover of the website, we took over the Knowledge Base for SYSTEMS 3000 Accounting Application. They were looking to update the structure and functionalities of their knowledge base. Besides having the same feel as the website, they wanted it to be scalable and easily maintainable by the SYSTEMS 3000 team.

We did thorough research to identify the right tool to craft the new on-brand interface with added capabilities. Fund Accounting Help Center was designed on par with the new website, with added features to make accessing information easy and seamless.

Website redesign leads to a positive impact on business growth

Website redesign leads to a positive impact on business growth

The new website design is being used as an inspiration for SYSTEMS 3000 social media content and online presence. The wider impact of a website design in other areas of online presence demonstrates how even a small investment in redesigning a website can have a positive impact.

Social Media Designs Preview