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Outgrow the Challenges of Hiring, Recruitment, and Retention by Augmenting Staff Through Outsourcing

The competition for talent is becoming fierce as the work market continues to plummet. With the voluntary quitting of over 4.3 million people in the U.S., the current job openings have gone up to 10.9 million, exceeding the number of hires (6.3 million). This only adds up to the growing struggle of businesses to find affordable talent (or just find and hire talent). 

As an antidote, outsourcing is becoming a more popular option for businesses. It enables them to find the talent they need by offshoring or nearshoring team members. Additionally, they save money, increase productivity, and improve the bottom line by augmenting staff with external professionals. 

But what does this mean for your business? If you’re looking for ways to grow your team, or have a backup plan in case your employees join the quitting spree, augmenting your staff by hiring a dedicated team member through outsourcing is a great option to consider! On the plus side, by outsourcing staff, you also improve your productivity while reducing costs! 

What is staff augmentation through outsourcing

Staff augmentation is a growing trend among businesses looking to outsource work. It’s supported by the emergence of companies that provide top talent, who can focus on the projects and tasks in which they have the expertise.

Unlike traditional outsourcing, where third-party providers are just providing cheap labor and no additional skills or experience, staff augmentation involves outsourcing internal tasks to external professionals with cross-industry experience that want and know how to help your company achieve its goals faster than you could do yourself.

You can opt for staff augmentation in different scenarios, like looking to reinforce your in-house team, requiring specific skills, needing extra hands on deck to meet deadlines, or even as a bridge for hire.

Staff augmentation is a way to hire the right professionals at a lower cost than hiring local staff directly. It also helps you get work done faster because you can use top talent from around the world with cross-industry experience—and if something goes wrong on your end, you don’t have to worry about firing anyone; everything is handled by the company providing the staff augmentation services.

You can hire full-time, part-time, or quarterly based on your business needs

By outsourcing to an external third-party business you hire the talent your business needs, decrease cost, and increase efficiency while taking advantage of the expertise of seasoned professionals. You can hire full-time, part-time, or quarterly based on your business needs. 

Outsourcing offers a swift solution, providing immediate access to professionals equipped to jumpstart the project with minimal ramp-up time. Staff augmentation further allows for scalable support, whether it’s part-time or full-time, ensuring continuous advancement and customer engagement.

Benefits of staff augmentation through outsourcing

According to a Deloitte Survey, 59% of businesses use outsourcing to cut their expenses, while 47% use it to solve capacity issues. Staff augmentation is more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees. It allows you to hire staff with the exact skills you need, and the right experience for your business needs without having to pay for training or ramping up someone before they begin contributing.

You’ll have access to professionals who are already familiar with certain processes, systems, as well as company culture, which helps reduce onboarding time. 

Augmenting staff through outsourcing requires no infrastructure cost. You don’t need to invest in office space, equipment, or software. With outsourcing, you can hire the best talent with cross-industry experience without having to invest in any of these areas.

You hire on an as-needed basis without being the one to pay for benefits, healthcare coverage, retirement plans, etc. With staff augmentation, you can hire more people when you need them, which is great for scaling your business. Also, you can hire people with the skills you need and the right experience—not just raw talent but someone who has worked in your industry before. With the right attitude, they already know what it takes to be part of a company and embody company values.

Identification, recruitment, and operational management

In our model, the host company does the identification, recruitment, and operational management of the contract professionals. This means we do the hiring. We also do training (as needed). We manage our employees on-site and provide ongoing support as needed.

If you’re familiar with any type of outsourcing service right now—whether it’s through an agency or freelance marketplaces like Upwork—you may be thinking: “Wait… isn’t this basically just another way for me to outsource my business?” Yes and no. The difference here is that instead of hiring a freelancer who works remotely in your office or from home, we have the professionals in-house, where we work together, follow processes, manage workflow, and provide the tools they need to get the job done. 

Tap into the latest skills:

Keep up with the latest skills and technology. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, it’s important to stay on top of industry trends and discover new techniques that can help your business thrive. Outsourcing professionals can help you keep pace with fast-changing technology by providing access to specialists who are equipped with the latest tools and know-how for success.

Scale quickly when needed. When you need an extra set of hands in order to meet demand, outsourcing professionals allow you to scale your operations up or down as necessary — without having to hire full-time employees that take time away from other projects and tasks.

Hire the right people. Finding quality talent is one of the biggest challenges facing modern businesses today; outsourcing gives firms access to highly skilled professionals who won’t require extensive training before they’re ready for real work assignments (and they’ll likely make themselves more valuable than their paychecks).

Save time and money on recruitment. Recruiting is a slow process that can be avoided when you outsource your staffing needs to an experienced team of experts. It’s also more cost-effective to work with an external agency rather than hiring in-house.

Outsourcing can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve your overall infrastructure. The right outsourcer will allow you to:

  • Increase flexibility. Provide services that were previously unavailable or too expensive for your business to provide.
  • Increase innovation. There is an opportunity for employees who are not directly involved with the project to contribute their ideas and experiences in new ways that might not have been possible if resources were strictly internalized.
  • Increase scalability (and decrease risk). Grow quickly without draining your budget — hiring external professionals allows you more flexible growth than ever before!


Outsourcing is one of the ways U.S. companies can tackle the challenge of talent shortage due to massive voluntary quitting. Staff augmentation through outsourcing can help you hire the right professionals for your needs. With the right experience, these experts will be able to help you scale faster and save time and money on tasks that don’t necessarily need to be done in-house. This also allows businesses around the world to tap into new skills which are not available locally or regionally. Looking to outsource talented professionals?

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