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Jeta Zagragja Defines Visionary Leadership at the Kosovo Leadership Conference 2023

AnchorzUp proudly participated in the Kosovo Leadership Conference 2023 where our Founder & CEO, Jeta Zagragja, contributed as a panel speaker on the topic, “Clarifying your vision – What is your true ‘north’: The role of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and the Private Sector”. Jeta shared her insights on the critical roles of vision and perseverance in business, highlighting how these elements have guided our company’s journey. Her message focused on the importance of leadership and grit, especially for encouraging more women to take on leadership roles.

“I’ve decided that my true impact would be here among my fellow citizens and younger people of Kosovo. And, if I am a few steps ahead of them, I want to pave that way for them as well.” – Jeta Zagragja

Organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, the Kosovo Leadership Foundation, and James Madison University, the Kosovo Leadership Conference is an event that celebrates leadership and collaboration. This year’s conference featured a variety of speakers who addressed topics ranging from sustainable peace and economic development to digital transformation and cybersecurity. The conference served as a platform for sharing expertise and building relationships among leaders dedicated to shaping Kosovo’s future.

The Kosovo Leadership Conference focused on the impact of collective responsibility and visionary leadership. The event reinforced our commitment to lead with integrity and push for innovation. It was inspiring to see so many leaders and thinkers come together to discuss and shape the future. As we move forward, we remain committed to driving positive change and nurturing the next generation of leaders within and beyond Kosovo.