Building Bridges: AnchorzUp CEO Champions Women in Business at Trade Winds Forum

Jeta Zagragja, Founder & CEO of AnchorzUp, broke new ground at the largest U.S. government-led trade mission and business development forum Trade Winds. As one of the representatives from Kosovo, Jeta’s presence in this year’s event reinforced AnchorzUp’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive business landscape in Kosovo and the Balkans.

From May 13th-15th 2024, the Trade Winds Forum was hosted in Istanbul, Turkey with a theme on “Power of AI in Fostering Inclusivity and Innovation”. More so, it was organized to solidify the economic partnership between Turkey and the USA. Jeta’s participation extended beyond this bilateral scope by using it as a stage to advocate for women’s entrepreneurship in the Balkans.

While the forum sought to bridge the trade gap between Turkey and the United States, Jeta hopes to establish a bridge that enables Balkan women to traverse the global business environment with confidence. During discussions with Marisa Lago, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Jeta shared her philosophy:

“I am a farmer. I plant a seed and nurture it. Every connection is a seed, an inspiration, and initiative, which over the years grows into something truly impactful.”

Her focus is not on immediate benefits but rather on creating conditions for sustainable development and cooperation that would allow women to become shapers of their own economic future within the region.

Jeta’s taking part in the Trade Winds Forum means more than just support and advocacy; it demonstrates AnchorzUp’s dedication to creating a business environment that is more open and inclusive. We support projects and initiatives empowering women entrepreneurs because we believe that they are key drivers of sustainable economic growth in the entire Balkan region.