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AnchorzUp’s Strategic Insights at INNVEST Summit 2022

AnchorzUp was part of the INNVEST Summit 2022 in Tirana. Our Founder and CEO Jeta Zagragja was one of the speakers at the summit, sharing “5 Tips to Avoid a Startup Failure”. The summit gathered a vibrant mix of entrepreneurs, innovators, and business leaders eager to share their experiences and explore new business opportunities.

The INNVEST Summit was a dynamic platform for networking and exchanging ideas, focusing on emerging trends in fintech, innovation, and digital transformation. The summit featured insightful talks from senior leaders at Deloitte and Coca-Cola, along with a master class led by Afonso Rebelo de Sousa from IMAA. During the summit, Albanian startups also shared their ideas, competing for the top prize from the EBRD Star Venture program.

Discussions at the summit provided insights into technological advancements and the digital growth trajectory in the Balkans. The event concluded on a high note, leaving participants inspired and equipped with fresh ideas and strategies for future ventures. AnchorzUp left the summit enriched with new connections and insights, eager to foster further innovation in the tech industry.

This experience underscores AnchorzUp’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and contributing positively to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We look forward to future opportunities for innovation and partnerships facilitated by the summit.