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AnchorzUp Part of the Innovation Festival in New Jersey | Propelify 2023

AnchorzUp’s commitment to AI-driven innovation was on full display as our Founder and CEO, Jeta Zagragja, participated in Propelify 2023 in New Jersey. This year’s event focused on Artificial Intelligence, attracting a record number of attendees.

Propelify 2023 featured a dynamic program with talks, live demos, presentations, and keynotes highlighting the latest developments in AI. The festival atmosphere included founder and investor meetings, 75 startup booths, fireworks, happy hour, and the unveiling of TechUnited’s startup studio, BetterFutureLabs. With a diverse range of exhibitors from various industries, including cutting-edge tech startups and visionary companies, Propelify 2023 provided a platform for learning, networking, and exploring collaborations.

The event provided AnchorzUp with valuable insights and networking opportunities in the field of AI. We are excited to apply the knowledge gained at Propelify to further enhance our AI-driven innovation efforts. Propelify 2023 was an inspiring event, and we look forward to leveraging these experiences to continue pushing the boundaries of AI-driven technologies.