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AnchorzUp Explores Global Tech Horizons at Web Summit 2023

Our founders, Jeta Zagragja and Lumbardh Zagragja, represented AnchorzUp at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon, one of the top technology conferences in the world. They explored new partnership opportunities, meeting fellow tech enthusiasts, sharing stories, and engaging in meaningful networking. From insightful panels to spontaneous meet-ups, every moment was an opportunity to learn, share, and grow.

A team of ICT companies, along with AnchorzUp, joined the President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, at the Web Summit in Lisbon. President Osmani emphasized the rapidly growing tech industry in Kosovo, driven by the vibrant energy of its youth. She discussed how technology fosters global cooperation and encourages innovative solutions across various sectors. She also stressed the importance of ensuring that technology serves humanity, advocating for inclusiveness, diversity, and ethics throughout the industry’s evolution.

Web Summit 2023 Recap

Web Summit 2023 brought together some of the world’s most influential tech leaders, policymakers, and innovators to answer one question: “What’s next for technology?”. Over 70,000 attendees engaged in exchanging ideas across insightful panels and networking sessions. The summit is celebrated for its dynamic blend of speakers ranging from tech moguls to artists, all discussing technology’s impact across various fields. Our founders participated in numerous sessions, discussing everything from AI’s promise and peril to the future of global tech entrepreneurship.

Returning from Web Summit 2023, our founders brought back not only new connections but also insights into the evolving tech landscape, which will guide AnchorzUp’s strategies in the future. This experience was a step in continuing to position AnchorzUp—and Kosovo—on the world map as a hub of technological innovation and expertise.