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AnchorzUp Advocates AI Transformation at Diaspora Symposium Computing

AnchorzUp attended the Diaspora Symposium Computing, hosted by the National Research School in ICT, focusing on “Artificial Intelligence in Kosovo”. Our Founder & CEO, Jeta Zagragja, shared insights on the potential of AI in company operations.

“We’re already using AI to facilitate aspects of work within our company. Rather than fearing job displacement, we believe AI will serve as a catalyst for transforming roles, unlocking greater productivity, and amplifying our output”. – Jeta Zagragja

The symposium, themed “AI and Industry in Kosova”,brought together experts, professors, and researchers from global institutions like Arizona State University, University of Sheffield, Technological University Dublin, Graz University of Technology, and University of Freiburg. Industry leaders such as Bosch, Deutsche Post DHL Group, and BigCommerce also contributed, fostering an exchange of knowledge and ideas. This event highlighted the importance of AI in shaping Kosovo’s industries, pushing them towards a more innovative future.

We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of this event and discuss the future of AI in business. As we continue to explore the potential of AI within AnchorzUp, we look forward to driving positive change and embracing the transformative power of AI in our industry and community.