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How WithMe outsourced competent professionals with the right cultural fit


WithMe wanted to build a more robust customer service cost-effectively

WithMe are a tight-knit team passionate about providing convenient services that change the way people live and work. As a growing company with an increasing number of customers, they wanted to continue providing the best customer service. To do that, they needed to scale their existing team by recruiting competent professionals who shared their customer-centric spirit. They were looking for a solution that would enable them to hire people with the right cultural fit while reducing costs and avoiding the trap of a lengthy recruitment process.

Company: WithMe Inc.

Industry: Consumer Services

Location: Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Category: Outsourcing

About WithMe

WithMe brings tech-powered printing solutions (PrintWithMe) and barista-quality coffee (SipWithMe) to their clients everywhere. They are revolutionizing on-demand convenience for modern life. PrintWithMe is printing made simple. PrintWithMe is the first network of wireless printer kiosks in the United States, with printers in convenient locations like multifamily apartments, coffee shops, co-working spaces, and more. Headquartered in Chicago and operating in 50 states, PrintWithMe makes it simple for anyone to print securely and reliably from any digital device, in just a few clicks.

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We identified, vetted, and outsourced competent professionals with the right cultural fit

We worked with WithMe to identify their needs and the requirements for new hires. Imperative for them was identifying professionals who fit their company mold and have the right personality type: people who are problem-solvers, dedicated, and always seeking to improve.

Once we had a clear picture of WithMe needs, we began the recruitment process to identify and outsource Retention Specialists, Account Managers, and Customer Service Representatives with the right work ethic and cultural fit for WithMe. After combing through applications, vetting applicants, and conducting a few rounds of interviews, a handful of the best candidates were selected and recommended to WithMe to join their team for remote work.

"AnchorzUp has exceeded our expectations in every way. They quickly delivered a large pool of candidates to interview for our positions, and they have managed all administrative aspects of the work partnership. They are very attentive and interested in our business success."
Jonathan Treble
Founder & CEO at WithMe

A cultural bridge

AnchorzUp served as a cultural bridge between WithMe and Kosovo’s talent pool, enabling them to tap into the potential of competent professionals who are ready to hit the ground running.

Kosovo, located in Europe, has increasingly become a talent hub where international companies can tap into professional talent in the fields of development, finance, and sales ー with a competent talent pool available for outsourcing.

Outsourcing built-in advantages

WithMe benefited from a more efficient recruitment process and reduced administrative costs. They powered up their customer service by having extra hands on deck with the outsourced hires, enabling WithMe to extend support hours for clients, fit in more admin work, and increase overall productivity.

Outsourcing with AnchorzUp:

WithMe outsourced competent employees who work remotely while being fully integrated into their team. The professionals outsourced to WithMe immediately became part of their company structure, processes, teams, and tools. They’re one big team who work together remotely and successfully serve a client base across 50 states.

WithMe’s success is proof that outsourcing with AnchorzUp benefits your business. Learn how you can achieve the same!