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Inbound and outbound sales solutions

Attract, nurture, and convert prospects across multiple channels and touchpoints.

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Sales solutions to drive growth

From appointment scheduling, cold and warm calling for lead generation, to lead capturing and closing ー we help you set up touch points, playbooks, deliver campaigns, and manage deals from start to finish.

AnchorzUp Sales Solutions to Drive Growth
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More successful sales, less overhead

Capture more sales opportunities with outbound and inbound sales solutions. We answer calls, web forms, emails, chats, or text messages, to qualify leads and capture more business opportunities.

Sales Solutions Customer Prospecting

Customer prospecting for any campaign

Whether you're launching a new product or venturing into new customer territory, customer prospecting is the starting point. We provide sales solutions for every scenario and work with you to do customer prospecting, establish touch patterns, and close sales.

Combined sales and marketing for effective campaigns

Target your potential customers wherever they are in the sales journey and move them down the sales funnel. We couple your sales campaigns with digital marketing solutions – like marketing emails, social media campaigns, and more – to generate qualified leads.

Don’t need help with projects or campaigns, but you could use a sales professional to supplement your in-house team? Augment your staff by hiring only the professionals you need ↓

Augment your sales staff through outsourcing

Get work done faster by outsourcing top talent with cross-industry experience. Hire us part-time, full-time, or quarterly. Only commit to what you can utilize.

Sales Development Representative

Business Development Executive

Inside Sales Representative

Account Manager

Customer Success Manager

Retention Specialist

Customer Support Specialist

Sales Operations Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we can help you with only one or multiple sales cycle segments of your choice. We create custom sales pipelines for your business, to cater to the sales funnel at any stage: awareness, interest, decision, or action. We can do lead prospecting and lead database management, qualify and contact your leads, nurture leads, build relationships, make sales calls, negotiate and close deals, generate referrals, and follow up with cold leads. Whether you’re looking to sell, cross-sell, or up-sell, we build your sales pipeline to match.

Yes, we can help you take over those first interactions. We find the best approach to contact your leads whether is phone or email, and reach out to them to establish trust, provide value, gather key information, or even secure a follow-up meeting. We can also take over face-to-face product demonstrations, conduct drip campaigns, sales visits follow-ups, cold calling and cold emailing new leads, setting appointments and meeting with new prospects, and more.

Yes, we also help businesses with key sales and marketing collateral, including sales proposals. We can help you create case studies, whitepapers and ebooks, datasheets, company pitches and introduction, proposal templates, sales presentation decks, email templates, and more. With us you lay the groundwork for any successful sales strategy, whether it’s focused on B2B, inbound, outbound, or small-to-medium business.

We deliver result reports and schedule meeting calls on a weekly or biweekly basis to keep you informed on the campaign’s progress and success. We measure, analyze, and report on: the number of new leads, touchpoints per lead, number of meetings set, appointments handled, close rate, and any other metric you want to keep track of.

Yes, we can combine our sales solutions with other services like email marketing, social media marketing, marketing collateral etc. to generate leads or convert your leads from potential customers to current customers.